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Product Spotlight: DLP® Parts & Assemblies

DLi offers a wide array of Parts, Accessories & Assemblies to support your development and production. Visit the DLiStore to purchase these items online.

The following DLP® Chipsets are supported:


DLi also carries Parts & Assemblies for the Discovery™ 3000 .7” XGA and D3000 .95” SXGA+ Legacy Platforms.

The DLP® Parts & Assemblies offered by DLi are listed below:

DMD Assemblies

DLi DMD Assembly
  • .65″ 1080p Type-S DMD Assembly
  • .65″ 1080p Type-A DMD Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 2xLVDS DMD Assembly (VIS / UV)
  • .9″ WQXGA Type-A DMD Assembly
  • .95″ 1080P 2xLVDS DMD Assembly (VIS / UV)
  • .95″ SXGA+ 1xLVDS DMD Assembly


Includes: DMD, DMD Board, DMD Mounting Hardware Assembly, Flex Cable(s)

DMD Flex Cable Assemblies

DMD Flex Cable Assembly
  • .65″ 1080p Type-A Flex Cable Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 1xLVDS Flex Cable Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 2xLVDS Flex Cable Assembly
  • .9″ WQXGA Type-A Flex Cable Assembly
  • .95″ 1080p 2xLVDS Flex Cable Assembly
  • .95″ SXGA+ 1xLVDS Flex Cable Assembly 

Includes: DMD Board, DMD Mounting Hardware Assembly, Flex Cable(s)

DMD Board Assemblies

Digital Light Innovations Photo: DMD Board Assemblies
  • .65″ 1080p Type-A DMD Board Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 1xLVDS DMD Board Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 2xLVDS DMD Board Assembly
  • .9″ WQXGA Type-A DMD Board Assembly
  • .95″ 1080p 2xLVDS DMD Board Assembly
  • .95″ SXGA+ 1xLVDS DMD Board Assembly


Includes: DMD Board, DMD Mounting Hardware Assembly

DMD Hardware Assemblies

DLi DMD Hardware Assembly
  • .65″ 1080p Type-A DMD Mounting HW Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 1xLVDS DMD Mounting HW Assembly
  • .7″ XGA 2xLVDS DMD Mounting HW Assembly
  • .9″ WQXGA Type-A DMD Mounting HW Assembly
  • .95″ 1080p 2xLVDS DMD Mounting HW Assembly
  • .95″ SXGA+ 1xLVDS DMD Mounting HW Assembly 

Includes: DMD Interposer, Interface, Head Spreader & Backer Plate, Stud Block & Kapton Insulator, Mounting Screws & Thermagon Pad, Spring, Stud Retainer

DMD Boards

DMD Board
  • .65″ 1080p Type-A DMD Board
  • .65″ 1080p Type-S DMD Board
  • .7″ XGA 1xLVDS DMD Board
  • .7″ XGA 2xLVDS DMD Board
  • .9″ WQXGA DMD Board
  • .95″ 1080p 2xLVDS DMD Board
  • .95″ SXGA+ 1xLVDS DMD Board

DMD Flex Cables

DMD Flex Cable
  • 5” or 12” 1xLVDS – .7” XGA (x1)
  • 5” or 12” 2xLVDS – .7” XGA (x1)
  • 5” or 12” 2xLVDS – .95” 1080p (x2)
  • 5” or 12” – 0.65” 1080p (1x)
  • 5” or 12” – 0.9” WQXGA (x2)
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About DLI

Digital Light Innovations (DLi) is regarded as the world leader in DLP® light exploration. We are a full service design and manufacturing company with extensive experience in creating unique DLP-based solutions for a broad range of applications. We are not only experts in DLP interface and electronic controller board design, but specialize in custom optics as well as prototype design and development.

Notably, DLi was the first to receive the DLP Authorized Design House designation from Texas Instruments (TI), and has partnered with TI to design and manufacture the electronic controller boards, firmware and software for the Explorer API and Control Software utilized by the best-selling DLP Discovery™ Development Kits and LightCrafter™ 6500/9000 EVMs.