Digital Light Innovations Graphic: CEL5500 Light Engine

CEL5500 Light Engines

The CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine is a modular, production-ready projection platform designed to provide users with an individual DLP® solution that is small, lightweight and multi-functional. The flexible, scalable architecture of the CEL5500 allows for a wide variety of configurations and customizations to meet your R&D and volume production needs. It is designed for high-brightness, monochromatic applications such as 3D Printing, Microscopy, Machine Vision and Medical Imaging. The CEL5500 also utilizes Texas Instruments’ DLP5500 0.55” XGA Chipset from the best-selling LightCommander™ platform, while using the same LightCommander™ API & CELconductor Control Software, so users can easily transfer and utilize the same custom code as well as projects – no need to start over or duplicate your work!

The Optics and Software specifications for the CEL5500 Family of Compact Embeddable Light Engines offered by DLi are listed below, while the configuration options can be accessed by selecting the links on the right.

CEL5500 Optics

The optics for the CEL5500 were designed with flexibility in mind. The 37mm adapter offers the ability to add a wide array of off-the-shelf lenses such as wide angle, telephoto, fisheye, and short-throw macro. This enables users to conveniently optimize the CEL5500 optics specific to their application.

  • Modular Optics Design
  • On-Axis, 0% Offset
  • Near-Telecentric Projection
  • 1.8:1 Throw Ratio
  • 160-500mm Image Width
  • 156-488 micron Pixel Size at Image Plane
  • 300-800mm Throw
  • Compatible with 37mm Lens Adapters
  • Up to 120 lumens
  • Up to 400mW (405nm)
  • CELscope Ready
  • Custom Designs Available

CEL5500 Software

LightCommander™ API

The LightCommander™ API, also known as the DLPC200 API, interfaces with LabVIEW, MATLAB, C++, .NET, Visual Basic and Visual Studio. The use of this API makes it very convenient and painless for LightCommander™ users to transition to the CEL5500 platform.

CELconductor Control Software

An enhanced version of the widely-used and proven LightCommander™ Control Software. It provides a multitude of tools and resources for CEL5500 users to leverage when customizing their application.

LightAnimator™ User Interface

Unlocks the full capabilities of the DMD right out of the box without the need for any programming. LightAnimator™ is a very user-friendly, intuitive interface and it is a great resource for CEL5500 users.


CEL5500-LED Light Engines

Digital Light Innovations Photo: CEL5500 Board Side

The CEL5500-LED uses a single-channel Red, Green, Blue, or UV (405nm) LED. The CEL5500-LED includes a driver board that gives users a wide array of LED controls such as brightness, pulse-width modulation, current level, etc.

The LED mounting block-assembly is designed to support a variety of LED types so users can customize the CEL specific to their application. The complete LED Block Assemblies can also be purchased separately so users can easily switch between a wide array of LED colors (Red, Green, Blue, or UV) without having to buy another light engine. The LED Mounting Assemblies are simple drop-in-replacements that conveniently slide into the chassis on the CEL5500.

CEL5500-Fiber Light Engines

Digital Light Innovations Photo: CEL5500 Fiber

The CEL5500 – Fiber also enables you to use your own fiber-optic light source. The CEL5500-Fiber offers flexibility over light source options and power levels and enables users to reach max DMD brightness levels set by Texas Instruments (TI).

CEL5500-LED w/ Fiber Assembly

Digital Light Innovations Photo: CEL5500 Fiber Assembly

For users that want the best of both worlds, the CEL5500-LED can be enhanced to provide users the capability to switch back and forth between the CEL5500-Fiber and LED configurations. We call this the CEL5500-LED w/ Fiber Assembly. The possibilities are endless!

The CEL5500 utilizes TI’s DLP®5500 0.55″ XGA Chipset, enabling pattern rates up to 5,000Hz Binary/500Hz 8-bit Grayscale, and video rates up to 60Hz.  The DLP®5500 Chipset provides a cost effective, embeddable projection migration path for applications developed on the best-selling DLP® LightCommander™ platform.

The DLP®5500 Chipset includes the 0.55″ XGA S450 DMD, DLPC200 Controller for conveniently interfacing user electronics to the DMD, as well as the DLPA200 Micromirror Driver. The DLPA200 provides the analog control required to clock the DMD micromirrors into a single chip, enabling reliable high-speed DMD performance.

The CEL5500 uses the same LightCommander™ API, also known as the DLPC200 API. The use of this API makes it very convenient and painless for LightCommander™ users to transition to the CEL5500 platform. The DLPC200 API directly interfaces with a wide array of programming languages such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, C++, .NET, Visual Basic and Visual Studio.

CELscope C-mount LED Microscope

Digital Light Innovations Photo: CELscope

The CEL5500 also features onboard pattern storage, preserving all sequence controls & settings.  The CEL5500 is configured with 3 x Input Triggers and 3 x Output Syncs for connecting to devices such as CCD & CMOS cameras, external FPGA’s, DSP’s, microcontrollers, and a wide array of other optical sensors.

Due to the small portable size, users can easily embed the CEL5500 in medical devices, microscopes & lab instruments, optics tables, automobiles, portable tripod stands, and production environments.  Because the CEL5500 includes all the optical components, it can be used for R&D and production. The CEL utilizes a threaded projection lens so users can apply a wide variety of adapters (wide-angle, closeup macro, telephoto, fisheye, etc.) specific to their optics requirements. What does this mean? Quicker time to market!

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