Digital Light Innovations Graphic: D2D DVI-DMD Interface

D2D DVI-DMD Interface

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Digital Light Innovations is the world leader in DLP® Discovery™ control & interface board design. In addition to designing the last few generations of Texas Instruments’ Discovery™ controller boards, we created the D2D DVI Interface Expansion for the DLi41xx & Discovery™ D4100 Development Kit platforms.

The D2D (DVI to DMD) is an interface expansion (EXP) board that provides plug and play functionality for streaming video to the DMD or for creating patterns, image slideshows, & custom video in real time with OpenGL, DirectX, or Flash. The source video can be supplied by a PC, DVD Player, or any other device with DVI. The D2D Expansion comes with 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM to help facilitate the higher speeds, faster frame rates, and increased bit depth.

The D2D is also intended for users that require a high brightness, intuitive grayscale-enabled DVI interface for the DLi41xx & Discovery™ D4100 platforms. The D2D enables users to stream XGA & 1080p images at 60Hz with 8-bit grayscale in two different modes: True 8-bit and Luminance.

One of the most unique features of the D2D is the 24-bit Binary Expansion Mode, which takes a 24-bit color frame and converts it into 24 individual binary frames, allowing for frame rates up to 1,440 Hz binary. The D2D Manager Software communicates the DLi4110/D4100 controller board, and includes a GUI that allows users to switch between 3 x bit-depth modes: binary, 8-bit grayscale, and 24-bit Expansion. The D2D DVI Expansion is an ideal solution for numerous applications served by DLP® Discovery™ products such as fringe projection, 3D display, and night vision testing.

For users needing a new development kit and D2D Expansion, we now offer the DLi4110 DVI Bundle Kit which includes a Discovery™ D4100 + D2D Interface Expansion packaged as a price-optimized, turn-key solution. The DLi4110 is pre-configured for the D2D hardware, firmware, and software, enabling users to deploy right out of the box.

Download D2D DVI-DMD Interface Spec Sheet

Digital Light Innovations Spec Sheet: D2D DVI-DMD Interface