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DLP® Discovery™ Optics Modules

DLi is proud to offer the DLP® Discovery™ Optics Modules – the Ray-7A Fiber Optics Module (OM). The RAY-7A OM is designed to interface with the DLP7000 .7” XGA 2xLVDS Type-A VIS DMD format of the DLP® Discovery 4100 Development Kits which include the DLi4120 Essentials, DLi4130 High-Speed and SuperSpeed Development Kits. These ready to use optics modules include compact illumination and projection components that enable DLP® users to visualize the output of the DMD micromirror array instantly.

The RAY-7A optics module interfaces directly to the .7″ XGA 2xLVDS Type-A VIS DMD mount. All modules use a reliable mechanical mounting concept that guarantees precise and repeatable assembly. This give users the flexibility to integrate their DLP set up with optics tables, lab instruments and a variety of end use product designs.

DLi offers the following Optics Modules for the DLP® Discovery™ platform:

  • RAY-7A Optics Module
    • RAY-7A Fiber Optics Module