Digital Light Innovations Graphic: DLP LightCrafter Optics Modules

DLP® LightCrafter™ Optics Modules

DLi carries a ready-to-use DLP® Optics Modules & Light Source Products designed to interface with the DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 Development Kits. Optical modules are compact illumination and projection components that enable DLP users to visualize the output of the DMD micromirror array instantly.

The optics modules interface directly to the DMD mount and are configured for the 0.65″ 1080p Type-S DMD format of the LightCrafter™ 6500 Development Kits. The RAY-65 optics modules use a reliable mechanical mounting concept that guarantees precise and repeatable assembly.

DLi is proud to offer the following Optics Modules for the DLP® LightCrafter™ platform:

  • RAY-65 Optics Modules
    • RAY-65 LED OM (Type-S)
      • Red, Green, Blue, UV (405nm)
    • RAY-65 Fiber OM (Type-S)
      • 5mm of 7mm diameter

RAY-65 Optics Module

Digital Light Innovations Graphic: DLi6500 RAY Optics Module Spec Table


Along with the DLi6500 development kit, the addition of the RAY-65 Optics Module (OM) completes the DLi6500 RAY Optics Bundle. The bundle is available in LED or Fiber configurations. The LED options are Red, Green, Blue and UV (405nm).

The DLi6500 RAY-LED Optics Bundles uses the DLiDriver 1000 to both power and control the LED on the RAY Optics Module. The DLiDriver 1000 communicates seamlessly with the LED controls on DLi6500 Development Kit and supports pattern rates of up to 1000 frames per second. The capability of DLiDriver 1000 was recognized by TI, where it was used for qualification testing on the LightCrafter Firmware / Software package. The DLiDriver 1000 operates up to 20A from a 12V DC power supply. Auxiliary connectors for external fans and for LED current measurement are also provided.

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