Digital Light Innovations Photo: Optics & Photonics Products

Products Overview

Digital Light Innovations (DLi) provides high-speed optics and photonics solutions for development, production and scientific research. Our product offerings range from:


DLP® Light Engines

Digital Light Innovations Photo: Modular Light Engines

We believe it is important for DLP® users to have a light engine that is robust in its capabilities, modular and easily expandable & customizable, and most importantly packaged into a small form factor that is designed to be embedded in products such as 3D Scanners & 3D Printers, to fit in tight enclosures, and to easily integrate with lab instruments. Enter the CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine, an industrial DLP Light Engine that users can purchase off the shelf and then customize to their specs using off-the-shelf parts, adapters, & light-sources of their choosing. There’s no need any more to break open your projector when you want to use a different LED or modify the optics.

DLP® Optics Bundles

Digital Light Innovations Photo: DLi6500 RAY Optics Bundle Type A

DLi is proud to offer DLP® Optics Bundles for the  DLP Discovery™ and DLP LightCrafter™6500/9000 (Type-S & Type-A) platforms.

  • DLP® Discovery™ DLi41xx Optics Bundles
  • SuperSpeed DLP® Optics Bundles
  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 / 9000 (Type-S & Type-A)

DLP® Development Kits

DLi Graphic: Website Downloads Product Box DLi4130

DLi is proud to offer DLP® Development Kits for DLP Discovery™ and DLP LightCrafter™ 6500/9000 (Type-S & Type-A).

  • DLP® Discovery™ DLi41xx Development Kit Series
  • SuperSpeed DLP® V-Modules
  • D2D DVI-DMD Interface
  • DLP® Discovery™ Discovery D4100
  • DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 / 9000


DLP® Chipsets

Digital Light Innovations Photo: DLP® DMD Chipsets

DLi offers a full line of DLP® DMD Chipsets for Texas Instruments’ Discovery™ Developer Kit EVM’s and Light Engines. The Digital Micro Mirror Device (DMD) is used to modulate the amplitude, direction and/or phase of incoming light (illumination).

DLP® Optic Modules

Digital Light Innovations Photo: S2+ IR 07 OM

DLi carries a full line of ready-to-use DLP Optic Modules & Light Source Products – including our STAR-07 OM Series. Optical modules are compact illumination and projection components that enable DLP® users to visualize the output of the DMD micromirror array instantly.

DLP® Parts & Assemblies

Digital Light Innovations Photo: DMD Assemblies

DLi offers a wide array of DLP Parts, Accessories & Assemblies to support your development & production EVM’s such as the Discovery™ D4100, DLi41xx Bundle Series, CEL5500 Light Engine, and DLi3000.


Digital Light Innovations Photo: DLHsi® Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging is a technology that evolved from the dark world of military satellites and cloaked secrecy of reconnaissance technology. Dr. Karel Zuzak, Senior Principle Scientist at DLi & inventor of the Digital Light Hyperspectral Imaging System (DLHsi), has augmented this technology for surgical & medical applications.