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DLi Graphic: News And Events Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium

DLi at Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 2017

DLi, along with the rest of the TyRex Family of Technology Companies, had a unique opportunity to take part in the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium in Austin from August 7-9. This event highlighted the most notable advancements in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies, attracting some of the brightest minds in the industry from all […]

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Digital Light Innovations Graphic: Innovation Insights 3DLightPro

Why 3D printing isn’t living up to its potential

The growth of the 3D printing industry has been stunted. Let me explain. The growth of the resin-curing 3D printing industry using DLP technology has been stunted by focusing on developing materials using light engine technology producing UV light at a comfortable 405 nanometers, instead of focusing on advancing the actual light engine technology which […]

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Digital Light Innovations Photo: TyRex Founders Day 2017

TyRex Founders Day 2017

At the first of every business year, the entire TyRex Technology Family celebrates its birthday with the annual Founders Day Birthday Celebration. Special guests, family members and every TyRex employee gathered yet again in 2017 to honor employees, catch up on all the exciting programs the TyRex companies have continued to develop, and to reaffirm the […]

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Digital Light Innovations Spotlight Photo: Justin Lemon Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Justin Lemon

Technical Sales Consultant Justin Lemon is celebrating his fourth year with Digital Light Innovations (DLi), and during his time here Justin has helped develop a role now vital to the company’s success. From sales transactions to technical support, Justin has been a key player in them all, including being the face of DLi’s successful YouTube […]

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Digital Light Innovations Graphic: Research Spotlight

Rice University Uses DLi Projector to Manipulate Individual Neurons

“Arguably one of the most important components of our prototype: the CEL5500 Projector from Digital Light Innovations.” As we understand the human brain better and better, neurostimulation has continued to be widely used in the study of neural function. This research addresses the function of both healthy and diseased neural cells, aids the development of […]

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Digital Light Innovations Graphic: Website Deep Dives Superspeed V Modules

DLi Deep Dives: SuperSpeed V-Modules

SuperSpeed V-Modules combine USB 3.0 data transfer with the speed and steering capabilities of the DLP® Discovery 4100, enabling a rapid launch into DLP application development. These V-Modules represent the highest performance class of DLP catalog products available. In this DLi Deep Dive, Justin Lemon takes a closer look at the innovative SuperSpeed V-Modules.  

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