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TyRex Founders Day 2017

TyRex Founders Day 2017

At the first of every business year, the entire TyRex Technology Family celebrates its birthday, this year with the Founders Day 2017 Celebration. Special guests, family members and every TyRex employee gathered yet again in 2017 to honor employees, catch up on all the exciting programs the TyRex companies have continued to develop, and to

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DLi Resource Center Research Spotlights

Rice University Uses DLi Projector to Manipulate Individual Neurons

“Arguably one of the most important components of our prototype: the CEL5500 Projector from Digital Light Innovations.” As we understand the human brain better and better, neurostimulation has continued to be widely used in the study of neural function. This research addresses the function of both healthy and diseased neural cells, aids the development of

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DLi Deep Dives Superspeed V Modules

DLi Deep Dives: SuperSpeed V-Modules

SuperSpeed V-Modules combine USB 3.0 data transfer with the speed and steering capabilities of the DLP® Discovery 4100, enabling a rapid launch into DLP application development. These V-Modules represent the highest performance class of DLP catalog products available. In this DLi Deep Dive, Justin Lemon takes a closer look at the innovative SuperSpeed V-Modules. DLi

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DLideas 3D Display

DLideas 7: 3D Display

The DLideas series focuses on current developments in the world of DLP® and emerging applications using the technology. In this video, DLi’s Justin Lemon discusses how DLP® Technology is being used in the field of 3D display. Many of the most promising 3D display concepts in performance, practicality and cost are based on DLP® technology

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Jorge Moguel

Texas Instruments DLP Blog Features Jorge Moguel of DLi

The Texas Instruments Enlightened blog is the company’s official blog for DLP® technology. Recently, a piece by Jorge Moguel of DLi discussing a few special projects was featured on the blog. Read below for the full story! DLi develops microscopic molecular solution using DLP technology by Jorge Moguel, Executive Vice President at Digital Light Innovations Scientists

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DLi Deep Dives CELscope

DLi Deep Dives: CELscope C-mount LED Microscope

The CELscope C-mount LED Microscope integrates DLi’s CEL5500 projector with a universal microscope interface to create a full DLP-powered microscopy application setup right out of the box. This DLi-exclusive product utilizes the modular optics design of the CEL to swap out its projection lens with a universal C-mount adapter which allows users to integrate the projector with off-the-shelf microscope parts to create a microscope interface or full

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