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Who We Are

Your DLP® Products & Optics Partner

Regarded as the world leader in DLP® interface and electronic controller board design, Digital Light Innovations (DLi) is a full service design, manufacturing and production company with extensive experience in creating unique DLP-based solutions for a broad range of applications. While providing custom design services for all stages of a product’s life cycle; from consulting to production and inventory, we specialize in custom optics, prototype design and development, product manufacturing, and distribution. DLi also offers product testing and analysis, inventory and supply-chain management, and reverse logistic services for electrical, mechanical and optical components as well as assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our team simply has all of the resources and knowledge to take your concept and turn it into a reality.

Notably, DLi was the first to receive the DLP Authorized Design House designation from Texas Instruments (TI), and has partnered with TI to design and manufacture the electronic controller boards, firmware and software for the Explorer API and Control Software utilized by the best-selling DLP Discovery™ Development Kits and LightCrafter™ 6500/9000 EVMs.

Our business can be segmented into three distinct product categories:


DLP® Light Engines

Digital Light Innovations Photo: Modular Light Engines

We believe it is important for DLP® users to have a light engine that is robust in its capabilities, modular and easily expandable & customizable, and most importantly packaged into a small form factor that is designed to be embedded in products such as 3D Scanners & 3D Printers, to fit in tight enclosures, and to easily integrate with lab instruments. Enter the CEL5500 Compact Embeddable Light Engine, an industrial DLP Light Engine that users can purchase off the shelf and then customize to their specs using off-the-shelf parts, adapters, & light-sources of their choosing. There’s no need any more to break open your projector when you want to use a different LED or modify the optics.

Turnkey Development Kit Bundles

Digital Light Innovations Photo: Turnkey Development Kit Bundles

DLi is proud to announce our new DLi41xx Bundle Series:  Three turn-key Developer Kit packages that unlock the full the capabilities of the best-selling Discovery™ D4100 Development Kit.  We created the DLi41xx Series in response to emerging DLP trends and user’s needs, be it high-speed control software or real-time DMD video streaming capability.  Each DLi41xx Bundle includes a D4100 Developer Kit, its featured hardware or software add-on, as well as the brand-new Pixel Precision 3.0 User-Interface Software for controlling individual pixels without the need for extensive programming.

TI Eval Modules

Digital Light Innovations Photo: Texas Instruments Eval Modules

Texas Instruments’ (TI) DLP® Discovery™ technology is the most widely adopted and reliable spatial light modulator (SLM) on the market today. It is easily differentiated from other SLM’s in the marketplace because of its pixel level control, speed, maturity, and broad spectrum functionality. Whether you need to digitally manipulate light for prototype design & development or for scientific research, DLP® Discovery™ is the development kit of choice of leading companies around the world.